If I have Gay Children


If I have gay children

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have gay children.

I’m not sure if other parents think about this, but I do; quite often.

Maybe it’s because I have many gay people in my family and circle of friends. It’s in my genes and in my tribe.
Maybe it’s because, as a pastor of students, I’ve seen and heard the horror stories of gay Christian kids, from both inside and outside of the closet, trying to be part of the Church.

Maybe it’s because, as a Christian, I interact with so many people who find homosexuality to be the most repulsive thing imaginable, and who make that abundantly clear at every conceivable opportunity.

For whatever reason, it’s something that I ponder frequently. As a pastor and a parent, I wanted to make some promises to you, and to my two kids right now…

1) If I have gay children, you’ll all know it.

My children won’t be our family’s best kept secret.

I won’t talk around them in conversations with others. I won’t speak in code or vague language. I won’t try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, and I won’t try to spare the feelings of those who may be older, or easily offended, or uncomfortable. Childhood is difficult enough, and most gay kids spend their entire existence being horribly, excruciatingly uncomfortable. I’m not going to put mine through any more unnecessary discomfort, just to make Thanksgiving dinner a little easier for a third cousin with misplaced anger issues.

If my children come out, we’ll be out as a family.

2) If I have gay children, I’ll pray for them.

I won’t pray for them to be made “normal”. I’ve lived long enough to know that if my children are gay, that is their normal.

I won’t pray that God will heal or change or fix them. I will pray for God to protect them; from the ignorance and hatred and violence that the world will throw at them, simply because of who they are. I’ll pray the He shields them from those who will despise them and wish them harm; who will curse them to Hell and put them through Hell, without ever knowing them at all. I’ll pray that they enjoy life; that they laugh, and dream, and feel, and forgive, and that they love God and humanity.

Above all, I’ll pray to God that my children won’t allow the unGodly treatment they might receive from some of His misguided children, to keep them from pursuing Him.

3) If I have gay children, I’ll love them.

I don’t mean some token, distant, tolerant love that stays at a safe arm’s length. It will be an extravagant, open-hearted, unapologetic, lavish, embarrassing-them-in-the-school cafeteria, kind of love.

I won’t love them despite their sexuality, and I won’t love them because of it. I will love them; simply because they’re sweet, and funny, and caring, and smart, and kind, and stubborn, and flawed, and original, and beautiful… and mine.

If my kids are gay, they may doubt a million things about themselves and about this world, but they’ll never doubt for a second whether or not their Daddy is over-the-moon crazy about them.

4) If I have gay children, most likely; I have gay children.

If my kids are going to be gay, well they pretty much already are.

God has already created them and wired them, and placed the seed of who they are within them. Psalm 139 says that He, “stitched them together in their mother’s womb”. The incredibly intricate stuff that makes them uniquely them; once-in-History souls, has already been uploaded into their very cells.

Because of that, there isn’t a coming deadline on their sexuality that their mother and I are working feverishly toward. I don’t believe there’s some magical expiration date approaching, by which time she and I need to somehow do, or say, or pray just the right things to get them to “turn straight”, or forever lose them to the other side.

They are today, simply a younger version of who they will be; and today they’re pretty darn great.

Many of you may be offended by all of this, I fully realize. I know this may be especially true if you are a religious person; one who finds the whole topic disgusting.

As you’ve been reading, you may have been rolling your eyes, or clicking the roof of your mouth, or drafting familiar Scriptures to send me, or praying for me to repent, or preparing to Unfriend me, or writing me off as a sinful, evil, Hell-bound heretic… but with as much gentleness and understanding as I can muster; I really couldn’t care less.

This isn’t about you. This is a whole lot bigger than you.

You’re not the one I waited on breathlessly for nine months.
You’re not the one I wept with joy for when you were born.
You’re not the one I bathed, and fed, and rocked to sleep through a hundred intimate, midnight snuggle sessions.

You’re not the one I taught to ride a bike, and whose scraped knee I kissed, and whose tiny, trembling hand I held, while getting stitches.

You’re not the one whose head I love to smell, and whose face lights-up when I come home at night, and whose laughter is like music to my weary soul.
You’re not the one who gives my days meaning and purpose, and who I adore more than I ever thought I could adore anything.

And you’re not the one who I’ll hopefully be with, when I take my last precious breaths on this planet; gratefully looking back on a lifetime of shared treasures, and resting in the knowledge that I loved you well.

If you’re a parent, I don’t know how you’ll respond if you find out your children are gay, but I pray you consider it.

One day, despite your perceptions of your kids or how you’ve parented, you may need to respond in real-time, to a frightened, frantic, hurting child; one whose sense of peace, and identity, and acceptance; whose very heart, may be placed in your hands in a way you never imagined… and you’ll need to respond.

If that day should ever come for me; if my children should ever come out to me, this is the Dad I hope I’ll be to them.



2014 in review

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Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

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Nigeria’s leading online marketplace Kaymu has revealed that online sales growth is influenced by hand held devices.
A few years ago​, desktops accounted for the ​majority of online activities but that is changing rapidly. According to MD of Kaymu, Evangeline Wiles, “Nigeria’s mobile audience is growing exponentially​ with more and more​ Nigerians owning smartphones and tablets. The mobile phone has become ubiquitous in Nigeria​”.
A Business Day report recently stated that mobile has rapidly risen to become the primary digital platform, with the total activity on smartphones and tablets


accounting for an astounding 60 percent of digital media time spent in the U.S.
Wiles further stated that mobile consumption is fuelled largely through app usage. “Since the launch of Kaymu’s mobile app in September, our ​ sales figures increased significantly with most of the growth coming from the mobile platform.  Consumers are now able to shop on their mobile devices at ​any time and in any location.  You can even shop while you are stuck in traffic​”, she said.
M-commerce is revolutionizing the buying and selling process. 
​While mobile allows consumers to shop from anywhere, it also has a major impact on sellers.  Merchants on Kaymu are able to manage their online shops from any location, they are no longer tethered to a desktop.  Mobile enables anyone, from students with busy schedules to experienced professionals, to easily manage an online store on Kaymu. ​
 With more than 120 million mobile subscribers, Nigeria is the largest mobile market in Africa and the tenth largest in the world. Nigeria has one of the highest internet penetrations in Africa via mobile and handheld devices. In 2013, over 10 million smart devices worth $1 billion (N167 billion) were sold in Nigeria according to reports; a large part of this attributed to affordable access to data on mobile devices.

“M-commerce saves buyers the stress of visiting brick and mortar stores.
​And it expands the universe of people who can sell online, with just a mobile phone and a few products, anyone can become a retail entrepreneur​”,Wiles Added.

Injustice; Law, Lawyers And Guardians Of Justice.


So I was in the police station, putting down my statement. I’ve been kept waiting for close to four hours before they decided to attend to me, anyways that’s not of much importance, na Naija we dey. 

It was a Friday, and a very unusual one. I couldn’t feel TGIF anywhere around, the streets remained scanty with a few people strolling by, some in two’s, others alone. As I walked back into the station, a lawyer came in, directly behind me. We exchanged formal pleasantries, he was looking for the OIC (officer-in-charge). Shortly after waiting awhile, the officer was disposed to see the lawyer, who was brief, with not much of a pot belly. As the lawyer walked in, maybe forgetting to shut the door properly, which made room for their conversation to filter out. I paid great attention eavesdropping ,there was a heated argument going on. 

A woman had been detained for two days by the police, she was unlawfully accused of killing her husband. Barely two weeks ago, her husband left Lagos for Abuja to attend a wedding, leaving his wife behind in Lagos. After the wedding in Abuja, the man was found dead in his hotel room. His relatives shockingly  accused his wife of his death and had her locked up by the police. They also went ahead and started evacuating the man’s properties as the woman was detained, moving whatever they could lay hands on. Luckily for the woman, WACOL (Womens Aid Collective) have come to her rescue, and currently are challenging the grounds on which the woman was locked up as she was nowhere near her husband before he died. 

Unfortunately, it seems justice is not universal and has different interpretation for different folks. Inside the room, the lawyer was pleading the woman be released on the grounds of fairness and justice, and she shouldn’t be left in the cell through the weekend, for the sake of her children. The officer rather reiterated that the woman will remain in custody pending the results of investigation, and I asked myself, investigation on/about what?? What are they investigating, whether the woman sent a spirit to go and kill her husband or what? I’m yet to understand the stand of the police, will they keep watching the husbands relative move all his properties and do nothing, while the woman still remains in custody. Whatever their code of conduct is, it should be reviewed. 

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Emma Watson’s UN speech and her clamor for gender equality, and with all these inhuman treatment towards women and widows especially, you are left with no choice but to respect the wishes of these women. I’m happy that some sincere lawyers still exist, I’m happy for NGO’s like WACOL, I’m happy that there are people who through social media keep speaking against injustice, together we can make the world a better place. 

“The police is your friend “, I won’t forget that motto, maybe you won’t too, but then I would want my friend to be sincere and impartial. The guardians of justice must at all times stand by the truth, we all know a lot of them are ill-treated, but then justice must prevail against your grievance. We have a lot of sorry stories about the police and yet nothing changes (some lawyers are not any different), sometimes most of the evil are perpetuated by them, but then we could put all these behind us and  make a better world by doing what’s right. 

     Let’s set our priorities right, as we pray the Lord to be husbands and wives to the widows and widowers, we in our own part should look out for them, it could be anyone. 

The Nigerian Government, Arms Scandal And The Citizen.


First we had $9.3 million dollars stashed in suitcases aboard a private jet purportedly owned by pastor. Ayo Oritsejafor, the CAN president, the money which was supposed to be used for the purchase of arms was seized at the airport by South -African authorities. Today, a  Johannesburg based newspaper, City press, reported that he Asset Forfeiture Unit of the National Prosealways Authority (NPA) has seized $5.7 million for yet another arms deal between South Africa and Nigeria.

I’m concerned, also you should too if by now you aren’t. Where are all these monies coming from? Is it taxpayers money or our oil money? Which persons are behind these deals? What is their motive? Why has the money been going to South Africa? Why has the presidency been quiet on this issue of national security? All these and more questions have not been answered, but then who am I to ask, who is my father and what office does he hold? I only hope someone sees these questions and maybe help provide answers to them before the matter gets out of hand.

Following the security breach we are facing and constant attacks from the insurgents, with the military also complaining that the insurgents weapon are more sophisticated, I still would want us to think of many other arms deal that have gone unnoticed, without any hitch and without the notice of the media. How safe is the nation for next year’s elections, when my brothers in the creeks are brandishing their  armour to fight for another term in Aso Rock, while my brothers in the North  still want to also reclaim the seat of power that they’ve claimed to be their inheritance. 

In all we should not forget, that a lot of graduates roam the streets in search of jobs, a lot more need scholarships to further their education, for others there are no schools to go to, those who are working are not being paid, our hospital and social institutions are all in shambles, our journalists are bribed while our police collect bribes proudly and yet we have $15 million ($9.3 + $5.7million) to spend on illegal importation of arms for whatever cause that’s yet to be justified. And to all those that want change, let this be known to you ” We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way, nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.”

The Nigerian Waste; The people And The Government.


Still not happy with the haircut I had last night (some barbers need to be charged to court), I wasn’t interested in going to church this morning, but then my Dad won’t want me to share the house with him as it has become a habit for him to abscond from church of late. As the gods will have it, on my way out of the gate, the rain started drizzling and it brought the wind along with it, blowing in any direction of its will, I readily ran back upstairs and grabbed an umbrella to cover myself as I walked down to the church. Halfway down the road, I couldn’t continue as the rain poured down in its torrents and the wind became stronger, I quickly found a shade and took shelter from the both forces of nature.

The view from my shelter was awesome, it was along a major road that led to my church, I observed the traffic jam that was building up as a result of the rain, and cursed the drivers that were causing the gridlock as a result of their impatience. 
Taking my eyes away from the traffic, I could see a lot of occupants streaming out of their compound, all wet from the rain, most of them holding onto nylons of different kinds and running back inside. I watched closely and I was shocked at what each compound along the street was doing, they all had stored up piles and piles of waste all along and have been waiting for the rain so they can dump their refuse into the drainage and then the water carries it and dumps to wherever it likes, sometimes another man’s front gate becomes the end destination. Some emptied wood, nylon, cans, vegetables and all sort of kitchen waste into the drainage, without any empathy for where these refuse would end up, or what if the drainage gets  blocked. 

I know very well that there are waste dumpsters at the end of each street and the waste management authority has been up and doing in emptying the dumpsters whenever it gets filled, I then begin to wonder what it takes or will take these persons to go and empty their refuse in the dumpsters. I know a couple of people that do burn their refuse in an incinerator in their compounds, that is much better than dumping refuse in drainage if you are unable to use the dumpsters.  With each passing day we are fighting a battle against erosion and the way we treat water passages determine whether we are either winning or losing the war. I would want to stress that government projects such as drainages, do not belong to the government, but the masses and we should be the keepers and not destroyers of them. It is quite laughable that the masses are as ignorant as the government leading them, and all together we are a confused lot. In the same vain I would want to enjoin the waste management authority to look into this issue and perpetrators apprehended not only in Enugu state, as I believe this would also be happening across the nation. 

I have talked a whole lot about the government’s inactiveness, but then the populace is much more problem on its own. The Nigerian “I don’t care” mentality will one day not care whether you want to move forward as a nation, we should always think of the repercussions of our actions towards our nationhood. I will not stop talking for I know that “all that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for enough good men and women to do nothing.

Gently as the rain subsided, I picked my umbrella up, snapped it open and headed home, not only did I not want to go to church, the rain also didn’t want me to. 

Emma Watson’s UN Speech ; The Reality And Truth They Don’t Talk About


Today in our present age of globalization we have brought about a lot of change to how things are done unlike in the past, we have entrenched Democratic principles in our society, worked towards eradication of illiteracy and diseases, fighting very hard to reduce mortality rates and with all humility and sincerity, I’m blessed to be born in this generation of change.

We all must have read/watched  Emma Watson’s impressive speech at the UN, it was without no doubt spotless from a feminist point of view but then I have few objections to most of the points she buttressed. We should in all our dealings as humans leaving in a global village not forget that we have different originating roots and cause, and so therefore imbibe the doctrine of necessity for every action we intend to pursue for the global unity of all. 
I stand to lay my points in an unbiased manner, drawing much of my insights from the African perspective and as well the Holy Bible, but first I must state that I am not a feminist, neither do I support gender/sex subjugation, I believe in fairness and justice to all and sundry, irrespective of sex, ethnicity, religion, culture, color, race or language. I believe that’s a great way to attain global unity in a very decentralized world.

Feminism, which I know is fast becoming a global language has been pursued without much thought and calculations by a lot of women. Emma Watsons speech might have been soft and emotional, but then it has a great deal of weight accompanying it’s message. Let me start by saying that at this stage in our quest for globalization, feminism isn’t what should be preached or taught in schools. Feminism is a cause that achieves it’s goal silently on its own, without much of the hype attached to it today, but without any disregard to anybody, if Feminism is a 50:50 ratio of man:woman equality, then is that what we really need? 
If a man was predestined to be equal, to be at par, to share same entitlement, with a woman, then it should have been handed down to us as a rule from our creator. From the holy bible, we well know it says thus “woman be submissive to your man at all times”. We also know what has happened when women had equal if not more powers in the bible days ( queen Jezeebel and king Ahab). In all, the cry for gender equality is a far one, but then I’m not saying it should be squashed and discarded completely without much thought given to how women are treated in our society. Its on this basis I would like to stress my heartfelt points. 

A lot of the world’s future are going to be pre-determined by what Africa turns out to be in the next 10 to 20years, it’s true that the world may at a point no longer wait for Africa, but in a situation where Africa has shamelessly refused to help herself, it’s should be a humanitarian call for the world to come to her aid.
    “To hide anything from an African, it’s best to put it in between the book”

The issues of feminine marginalization can be greatly solved if a male child is taught to accept the opposite sex more as a fellow and not a subordinate, maybe a weaker sex (which is very true) but then not in context. In the fight against illiteracy, we also fight against gender marginalization, by given both boys and girls same opportunity to be educated. 

This is a clarion call to all men and father’s, that have in one way or the other relegated women to the ground and engaged in all sort of wife battery, social injustice and inhuman treatment towards our mothers and women simply because she is the weaker sex, there needs to be a change of cause and action. I begin to wonder what image you are depicting by such actions, and all these actions has propelled the feminist cause in its own way. I don’t know what love is, but then I strongly believe it’s characteristics are not wife battery, sexual assault, social injustice and lots more, the holy bible said thus “Love thy neighbor as thyself “, and in the name of that love we won’t sit and watch our fellows maltreated and marginalized, same way we shouldn’t do same.

Lastly the government is to be blamed for a lot of marginalization, not only gender wise, but generally. We have let corruption, religious differences, ethnicity, culture, language, race, colour and others to divide us all. When a man’s job request is turned down, not on any other grounds, but because of his religion  or he has a different tongue, comes from the east, or he’s black, then imagine what will happen to a woman with same characteristics as the man rejected. We need to put hands together and fight our differences, by doing such we are fighting marginalization gender wise and other wise. 

And my final words to all feminist, “It’s okay to be a feminist, I love you for that, but then there’s more you can do to better the world than being just a feminist”….”It’s one thing to express yourself, it’s another for others to understand your expression

At 54, Has It Been Worth The Ride?

Let us once more sing the songs of hope and dance to the tune of political promises. 

October 1st is here again, many lawmakers would travel back to their constituencies and share bags of rice as usual, and the illiterate constituents would call it community development and empowerment. The school children will be in many strategic centres across the nation, paying allegiance to their fatherland through match past and parades, and it’s so unfortunates that they don’t know how bleak the future of their fatherland is, and that their leaders that always smile during such parades see it as an obligation to smile. Just like have been done in the past, out president (must have read his Independence speech, it’s almost 7:30am) will step out today to set white pigeons free to mark peace, but then we are at war both internally and externally, we still are looking for some girls that were kidnapped some 4 months ago (I’ve failed to believe this story) which is quite ridiculous if not very, the bombings in the North-eastern part of the country has now become an expected activity, then you ask yourself “are some persons more powerful than the GCFR??” or has the president gone to slumber. We’ve lost a lot these past two years, a lot of lives, properties, memories, monies, assets, and in all this we got liabilities in return. 

I’ve seen excellent graduates roam the streets, I then begin to wonder what I’m doing in school. With all our might we willing brought down the value for education down to nothing, and it surprises me that there are both minister and minister-of-state for education, minister for youth development and empowerment, what then do they do, or are these post used as an avenue for Mr. President to compensate a few of his family friends. Several research have shown that Nigerians are humble people, but then there’s a limit to which you would frustrate a jobless graduate.

I love my Dad, he has served the country well enough and would retire soon based on years of service. He is entitled to his pension (not like he’s depending on it) having served in the civil service up to that point, but then how I’ve seen pensioners (laborers of our fatherland) being treated(some die), I begin to wonder whether the phrase “being grateful ” got erased from our sense of empathy. I’ve seen and heard of pensioners die while trying to get their entitlement, and I say to myself; why keep the pension scheme if you are not  willing to carry out its use? If my people keep dying in the process of getting their due entitlement, if my people are denied their due entitlement, then the pension scheme be scrapped. 

My fellow Nigerians, there’s a popular saying ” when you point one finger, you have three pointing back at you“. We have pointed a lot of fingers to the Government and we have a lot more at us. We the Nigerian people need a change of cause, Lincoln once said “it’s not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” (our country must do for us sha ooo). We’ve shown a great deal of patriotism and love (best in the world) to this nation, I fully appreciate that, we want the best for our country, that I know, but then we need not only be wanting, we need to be working towards it believing our common dream of a better Nigeria will be actualized. Our attitude towards our fellow Nigerian needs to change, acceptance is the first step, we might be divided but then that where our unity draws it’s strength. We need to be sincere and start trusting eachother, for through trust only can we build a unifying bond. Let’s stop the stereotyping and segmentation, I want my son to bring home a yoruba woman as his wife for she is a woman and fit to be a wife. Let religion not tear us apart, but we should learn to accept eachothers faith with tolerance (I’m an agnostic, I’ve been a christian and a Muslim, and I love both religion) . We should be able to hold our government accountable and not buying whatever they tell us hook,line and sinker, let us give hope to those who have lost it, feed those who can’t afford it, lead those who can’t see it and prove to those who can’t feel it.

May the Almighty, 
bless the Giant of Africa,
bless Nigeria, 
bless you.

If I Have Gay Children: Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent

I think this is what all human needs to be like. May the Almighty bless us all.

john pavlovitz


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have gay children.

I’m not sure if other parents think about this, but I do; quite often.

Maybe it’s because I have many gay people in my family and circle of friends. It’s in my genes and in my tribe.
Maybe it’s because, as a pastor of students, I’ve seen and heard the horror stories of gay Christian kids, from both inside and outside of the closet, trying to be part of the Church.
Maybe it’s because, as a Christian, I interact with so many people who find homosexuality to be the most repulsive thing imaginable, and who make that abundantly clear at every conceivable opportunity.

For whatever reason, it’s something that I ponder frequently. As a pastor and a parent, I wanted to make some promises to you, and to my two kids right now…

1) If I have gay children, you’ll all know it.

My children won’t…

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The Misguided Path Of A Failed State: Voters Registration.

Very early in the morning I and my friend set out to go and stand in the never ending queue for voters card, maybe to get in front line or to continue the ritual. This is day 3 we are coming for this same voters card,with each passing day it seemed as if the number of the voting populace kept increasing on an arithmetic progression while the corper’s work rate reduced.

After spending the whole of yesterday waiting to get registered to no avail, we walked up to a corper and asked him if there could be any way to make this means easier and faster for the increasing population we witnessed everyday…the corper asked if I had gotten a number for the next day,which I hadn’t, his next comment took me aback. “He then smiled and said to me that he could dubiously give me a number and get me registered for a little token of N500”. Quietly I shook my head, turned away and took a walk with several thoughts criss-crossing my mind. “Why would my fellow countryman want to make quick money out of his own brother for what is free, even at the least possible avenue?? This same corper will still be paid for this service he’s rendering and still that isn’t enough for him??”

I believe I’m not the only one encountering this problem, and the government should be totally blamed for the inconvenience this has caused a lot of Nigerians. Voters registration should be an annual exercise with a lot of Nigerians turning 18 every year, they should be registered as they do so. This shouldn’t be an exercise pre-empting an election, it should have started immediately after the last election to make sure everybody is covered and satisfied.

We don’t have a problem as a nation, we just don’t want to do the right thing as a nation…that is the problem, and until we begin to do the right thing for the right course there shall be no improvement whatsoever. God bless Nigeria.

[Article] National Conference: A Waste, A Progression or What??

In 1904, the pact for the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates by our colonial masters clearly showed that the amalgamation was to span a period of 100years.
After a long 100years, surviving through colonial dominance which contributed significantly to our progress and problems, we held through 3years of bloody civil war, we’ve been through the military regime, numerous religious and labour crises, here we are now – a democratic government – leading up to the proposed 100years. We’ve seen the good,the bad and the ugly as an amalgamated nation living to the wishes of her colonial master.

2014 was to mark the beginning of change in our nation, a year in which we would set our path right and build a nation that would stand for justice,unity and equity, a nation that will feed and employ her populace, be a hub of educational and technological advancement, where no man would be judged by the language he speaks or the religion he adheres to.
To achieve all these desires, a National Conference was proposed. Its main agenda is to re-access the nations existence from 1904 till date and propound a blueprint for the nations development. 492 delegates representing various ethnic nationalities,political representatives,professional groups,civil society groups, amongst others were to constitute the conference. This conference which commenced on march 17, 2014 and expected to last 3months might end up being a debacle for the following reasons:

1) Inert enlightenment: Its surely an impetuous decision to organise such an important conference on national cohesiveness without full-scale enlightenment of its citizens. Apart from radio debates on what should/not be in the agenda, there was no government organised mass sensitization of the populace. ” The citizen makes the country and not the other way round”.

2) It is a fact that the outcome of the conference should be long term solutions, it still doesn’t stop our “delegates” to proffer imminent ideas/solution to tackle the various challenges we have as a nation. This they have failed to do. ” Wisdom is bountiful in a land of peace”.

3) Each delegate is expected to earn about N12 million (aside feeding and accommodation) for participating in the conference. The grand total for all 492 delegates will be N6billion. A country well known for funds mismanagement, this is no surprise. In the wake of ASUP strike, insecurity, unemployment, it is very foolish for a government to spent frivorously when such income can be channelled purposefully into other sectors. The composition of this conference should be voluntary and an act of patriotism and not an avenue for amassing wealth.

A proposed 4-weeks extension of the conference(supposed to end June 17) has been approved and will now end on July 31. There is nothing pretentious about a conference that has started on wrong footings and shouldn’t be the governments proclivity for fund mismanagement. We have come a long way (100years) to know our misdemeanour and its time for every faction,group,sect,society to drop their pique and detest hegemonic control and extend a placatory arm to his neighbour for a better nation.

Without mincing words, the “National Conference” is a waste and has failed the purpose for which it existed.
God bless Nigeria.

Derek Ofodirinwa Launches West African Entertainment Platform “MajeOfficial”

MajeOfficial.com, a West African entertainment platform that offers users free access to independent series, movies and visual art has been officially launched following months of beta testing.

Executive director Derek Ofodirinwa told BuzosmithsBlog the MajeOfficial style and standard made it unique from its contemporaries, with contents on the platform carefully selected.

“We weed out the ones that don’t suit our style and standard from the beginning,” he said. “When we showcase or create, you know there’s a specific style. You’re not just watching black American content, or Nigerian or South African content, you’re watching Maje style content and Maje quality content.”

He said the aim of the platform is not have as much content as possible, but rather focus on quality.

We would be having an interview with Derek Ofodirinwa soon.


Samstrings is a soul classic pop musical artist with strong lyrical content and passionate about the ‘strings’. He started music from the church as a guitar boy in choir, music is a gift in the family.  Samstrings is well known by his style of music, playing and singing with acoustic guitar.  Music to samstrings is an expression of his feelings to his world.  He is a musician no doubt, he studied music at peter king’s college of music Badagry Lagos. He is currently an undergraduate at National Open University of Nigeria and majored on the study of English Language.  ‘Mr Ologbon ‘as his fans always called him has an Album unrealised  to his credit the album is titled ‘Ologbon’ meaning the wise. .. He is coming out with a single titled “MY HEART” is a love song, it is a love story song about true lover, how dearly they missed themselves,  distance kept them away but there heart still met to ‘toast’.



The dynamic singing sisters, D’Adshas are back again with another up tempo track that is sure to rock the dance floor. This new track is titled Ekomosi (Spiritual Ekombi) an Efik song featuring ft Upper-X, a Calabar Hip Hop rapper. Ekomosi is a follow up to other stellar D’Adshas hits like Tinkinkinik featuring Dammy Krane, Ego N’ Ekwu feat. K-Large, etc. They have had their songs aired on major radio stations around Lagos and Calabar and recently went on a major tour of cities in the Southern part of Nigeria.  Ekomosi is the traditional drum of the Efik people and the spiritual ekombi is a traditional Efik dance. As you listen to this infectious song, get ready to dance till you drop. @ADSHAS, @SHADE_ADSHAS


MISS UNN 2014 Pageantry!!!

Have you noticed the sudden rush of joy in the heart of UNN girls??? It’s the biggest & and most hyped pageantry Contest in UNN and it’s set to happen live this April!
The MISS UNN 2014 & UNN GRAMMY AWARDS is going down, The annual event which was last conducted in 2011 have so much been anticipated for. As with most news it all started as a rumor but it’s no longer needs verification as it’s now on every one’s mouth and as always it promises to be the bomb.
The winner goes home with a brand new car and 1 year scholarship. The first runner up goes home with A Macbook, and second runner up an apple ipad.

This Event is From the stables of University of Nigeria kings & Queens forum in collaboration with Rock City Entertainment and proudly sponsored By Fidelity Bank Plc, Peace Mass Transit, Lion fm, Frenzy and a host of other Big names..
Forms Are sold at Fidelity bank inside the school @ 5,000 naira only, forms will be sold out by 26th of march after which camping kicks off.

VENUE: Ekpo Ref convocation hall.
Guest artist: Phyno, Runtown, Selebobo,sim19, Eclipse. Along side the best dance groups in town…… DNA615, Thrillaz, Steppers.

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UNN S.U.G Inauguration/ Swearing-in Of Elected Officers

The swearing-in of the newly constituted student union government of the University of Nigeria Nsukka comes up on Tuesday, 27 March 2014 at the Nsukka campus by 10am. The peaceful conduct of the election ushered in a new government after a 5years dissolution of the SUG due to the Jan 15, 2009 riot. Eleven executives, twenty senators and thirty-four honorable members of the house from Nsukka campus will be sworn in alongside their colleagues from Enugu campus. Agu Christian from faculty of education emerged as the SUG president for the 2013/2014 session.

Zuo Republic Comedy Skit…Episode 1

Online Content Management and Public relations company based in the University of Nigeria Nsukka, ZUO Republic Media and managers of UNNZUO Blog! partners with The KREATIVE MINDZ Company to render a Classical short comedy skit, Titled ZUO unplugged as a Pioneer to its episodic releases …
The skit was directed and shot by: Director K and Produced by Zuo Republic media.
This amazing comedy skit is its first episode and promises more amazing episodes.
Download Here
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The Meeting; ASUU and FG.

“President Goodluck Jonathan was in a closed-door make-or-mar meeting with striking members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities inside the First Lady Conference Room, Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The President was joined at the meeting that started at 2.40pm on 4th Nov by Vice President Namadi Sambo; Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala; Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Pius Anyim; Supervising Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike; and Minister of Labour, Emeka Wogu among

ASUU President, Dr. Nasir Isa Faggae, led the union team which included past presidents such as Prof. Abdulahi Sule- Kano, Prof. Dipo Fashina and Prof. Festus Iyayi. President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Abdulawahid Omar and that of the Trade. Union Congress, Bobboi Kaigama, are also in attendance. Indication that the logjam may be resolved at the meeting emerged when the President declared while shaking hands with members of the delegation that, “The matter must be resolved here
today. Our children must go back to school.”

We’ve heard a lot about the latest meeting between the FG and ASUU and we were told the same aftermath story. Whatever happened inside the room with such dignitaries packed in it was never in the interest of the Nigerian students.
Why would they keep telling us lies about things concerning our future?? Why would Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala tell us the country is not bankrupt and yet can’t settle ASUU?? Its so disheartening that the children of the poor masses are at the receiving end of the fore play between FG and ASUU. What we all know is that whenever they want to end the strike, we’ll all go back to school,its just a matter of time.

Fire Of Zamani; Album Review.

The much awaited 16 tracks Fire Of Zamani (FOZ) album from Ice prince is finally here with us. All thanks to Ice prince and Choc City. I will be making a review of all the tracks and be rating each in the range of 1-10.
DISCLAIMER: All reviews of the tracks are my own personal opinion.

1) Stars and Light ft Ruby Gyang: produced by Chopstix, this is a victory/arrival song. The verses were tight, Ice prince was at his best, with a reggae style towards the end. Ruby Gyang made the song a classic with the hook. It should be bagging many nomination soonest.– 9/10

2) Skit by MC. Longs: A very funny skit, was sort of a speaker in english and a translator in hausa. Introducing the album in english and translating in hausa language.

3) Aboki: This is another rendition from chopstix. The popular single Aboki still remains a dope song despite being released prior to the album launch. Ice prince delivers both the verse and the hook in a more creative manner that would make you put the song on repeat.– 8/10

4) My life: This talks about how music is more of Ice’s life and the people that mean most to him. Its a look alike if “somebody lied” from ELI in delivery. Its a great song and would surely over ride the airways.– 9/10

5) Mercy ft Chip: We don’t know the chick Ice prince is talking about on this track, we just know its a tune every guy will play in company of his chick. Good delivery of verses from both Ice and Chip.– 8/10

6) Whiskey ft Sunny Nneji: “Whiskey whiskey carry me go ahyayaya” this is one of the best songs off FOZ. With a touch of high life and beautiful production, Ice prince and Sunny Nneji did a wonderful job on this. The song tells a story in both verses, quite a touching song. A must have for all.– 9/10

7) N Word: produced by Don Jazzy. This showcases the street side of Ice prince with a lot of N*gga occurences. After being censored, it might get little or no airplay on radio stations.– 5/10

8) Jambo: Whatever jambo means, it sounds more like a call to rejoice after all the trials he faced before being where he is today. There’s a mention of Uche Jombo.– 8/10

9) No Die Tomorrow: Practically he wasn’t taking shots at nobody, but everybody can clearly see he was talking about the bad governance and the violence in Jos. Also talked of 2015 election. Giving hope for a better tomorrow as long as we survive today. The message is positive and clear.– 8/10

10) Gimme dat (extended): Produced by Chopstix. This is an extended version of the “gimme dat” we already know,with additional verse from Ice prince.– 8/10

11) Komotion: Just as the name, there was a very big comotion between Ice and Wizkid. We all know Wizkid for talking of girls in his hooks,which he did, talking of a girl causing comotion, we were all expecting Ice prince to talk more of girls, but he went real hard on this, with nice verses talking of his fame, cars and wardrobe. Talked about his haters too.– 7/10

12) Person Wey Sabi: This track takes us on a tour to his home J-town, his life from childhood to present, his personal life and how he has taken over rap in Nigeria.– 8/10

13) Kpako ft M.I and Jesse Jagz: Whenever Choc boiz come together on a track, a hit is made. Produced by Chopstix, kpako is indeed a hit. I duff my hat for Jesse Jagz who was exceptional. This is a must have for everyone.– 10/10

14) Pray ft Sound Sultan: Another cool track off FOZ. With mentions of Linda Ikeji and Rita Dominic, Ice raps about his success and haters trying to stop him despite his hustle. Great verse from Sultan.– 8/10

15) More: produced by Chopstix was released earlier alongside Aboki and has a video already. One of the best and a love song brings out the stuff Ice prince is made of.–9/10

16) On My Knees ft Jerimiah Gyang: sounds like a state anthem for Jos and a prayer for peace in Jos. The local language rhyme used in the song makes it more interesting plus the beautiful rendition from Jerimiah Gyang.– 8/10

Overall, FOZ is great. We should enjoy the songs for quite a long time. With Chopstix with the highest number of songs produced on this album, he should be nominated in series of awards.

Strike Continues As ASUU Rejects N600b Offer Made By The FG.

After much talks yesterday concerning the implementation of ASUU demands, the
government has pledged to spend N200
billion on the universities in the 2014 budget and the same amount annually for the next three to four years. This is in addition to the N100 billion already made available this year, but which ASUU
has rejected. The government has also increased to N40 billion, as a first installment, funds for the payment of earned allowances to the striking lecturers – an improvement from the N30 billion previously released.
We all thought the end to the unending strike was near, not until ASUU spoke on the recent development; ASUU last night was unimpressed with the new offer. National Treasurer Dr. Ademola Aremu said the offer failed to meet the teachers’ expectations. He said the offer falls short of the agreement signed with ASUU by the government. Aremu insisted that ASUU would not end the strike until the 2009 agreement is fully implemented by injecting N500 billion into the universities yearly to shore up the system’s quality.
According to the unionist, ASUU is not
making any new demand, but a mere
implementation of an agreement. He
pointed out that the Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) signed by both
parties in 2009 stated that the government would commit N1.5 trillion to the system in three years.
The strike still lingers until God knows when….

A 14-year-old pupil, Divine Toruemi Wins N1 Million For Rescuing Boy In Boat Accident!

L-R: Winner of the 2013 Indomie Independence Day Award, Divine Toruemi; runner-up, Mohammed Kenubu and second runner-up, David Adekunle.

A 14-year-old pupil, Divine Toruemi, has been rewarded with N1m for rescuing a boy during a boat accident in Mgboudohia waterfront, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Also, Mohammed Kenubu, who rescued
a baby in a bomb blast in Kano, received N750,000; while David Adekunle, who cannily got the police to arrest some armed robbers, got N500, 000. The trio earned the Indomie Independence Day
Heroes Awards for 2013 at an event organised by Dufil Prima Foods Plc in Lagos. They were among the 14 children earlier selected for performing bravery act by the organisers. Congrats !

Regional Head-Quarters Of Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministry Has Been Demolished In Enugu.

The regional head-quarters of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry has been demolished in Enugu state. This is coming as the State Govt has started a recent demolition of properties encroaching public areas. Unfortunately it has been observed that mostly churches and places of worship are being affected,as one other church was recently demolished by the State Govt.

The MFM head-quarters was to be demolished last year,but prayers and protest were held by its members which halted its demolition. Many public/political activist have decried the recent demolition of christian worship centers and have likened it to same as what the Boko-Haram is doing in the north.

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$500,000.00 (N80m) Was Paid Mary J. Blige To Perform At The SistersWithSoul Concert

American Queen of ‘Hip-hop soul’; Mary J. Blige stormed Lagos last month for the Etisalat’s sponsored ‘Sisters with Soul’ concert. Mary had arrived same day as the show in a private jet, thrilled Nigerians with an amazing 2-hour performance and quickly left back for the States same day.

Word out at the moment has it that Etisalat paid her half a million dollars, same amount Kim Kardashian got after her appearance to co-host Darey Art Alade’s ‘Love like a movie’ concert.


DNA is a dynamic duo of 17yrs old Afro Pop & RnB singers, Clinton and Blair Robert. The talented identical twins surfaced into limelight after their participation in the just concluded Glo X-Factor where they came top 8. Having shared stage with some of naija heavy weight A-List acts like Flavour, Wizkid, Naeto C, Omawumi, Iyanya, Davido,
Burna Boy and many more……. DNA is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the industry. Mash-up freestyle basically is a smooth melodious blend of your favourite naija tunes. Enjoy and Share.


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Matters Arising: National Conference Or Sovereign National Conference.

“We’ve setup a committee”; This phrase must have become very attached to President Jonathan as that has been his regular action to any problem facing the nation. The most recent being the committee to draft procedure for a conference to discuss national issues following the proposed centenary celebration come 2014.

There have been calls from different parts of the federation on the need of the conference and the issues to be discussed. Many questions which the President have turned a blind eye to include:
1) Do we need a conference? If yes,should it be National or Sovereign national?
2) How have all out known problems been tackled?
3) What would be the theme of the conference?
4) Who gets to represent the people? Will it be the same politicians that given the people the dividends of democracy?
5) We’ve been hearing of National and Sovereign National conferences,how far has the President enlightened the masses of the difference and which one it plans to organize.
All these questions and more need to be answered. The people need to know what is actually happening.

National Conference: This is a conference where every member of an aggrieved multi-ethnic society come together to dialogue and resolve their problem.
Sovereign National Conference: This is a conference where every member of an aggrieved multi-ethnic society come together believing they can’t stay together anymore,so they dialogue how to split,divide the national assets and go different ways in sovereignty.

From the above two definitions, Nigerians can see that from amalgamation in 1914,the Civil War spanning from 1967-1970,the very numerous religious and ethnic crisis,the current Boko-Haram insurgency, all we need is a sovereign national conference(if there’s really a need for a conference).

We’ve lived 100years and yet we can’t understand ourselves,is it until we are 200years old that we will see how incompatible we are?? “Nigeria is being independent so that the North will rule and the South will be slaves”- the words of late Tafawa Balewa before our independence form the British,shows the marginalization of Southern Nigeria right from the beginning, must we continue like this?? Must the killings continue?? The answer is NO!!!

Looking at the country today,we are living with broken promises,there’s still epileptic power supply,there are poor roads across the nation,the aviation sector is sick,our education sector is nothing to write home about,the health sector isn’t any better,our agriculture is not capable of feeding 1/4 of the nation, yet we boast of the richest billionaires in Africa. These are all our problems,there are too many of them for us to start talking of conference,be it National of Sovereign National. Let us get things right and working,put the children in schools,provide job for the graduates,pay salaries promptly,provide constant power,settle pensioners as at when due,get the roads and rails in good condition,make security of lives and properties a priority,kill corruption,cleanse the aviation,provide good health services. If all these are done and Nigeria doesn’t get better than she is at the moment,then we can start talking of a conference.

The president should know that Nigerians and the world is watching. Nigerians have been through a lot to be taken for a ride anymore. We want the Government to solve the known problems before talking of those we don’t know. The REVOLUTION isn’t far anymore.

ASUP To Resume Nationwide Indefinite Strike On Friday

The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics is to resume its suspended strike on Friday following the inability of the Federal Government to resolve outstanding issues with the union.

ASUP Chairman, Mr. Clement Chirman, told newsmen in Jos on Sunday that “the frustrating inertia of the Federal Government to convincingly fulfil any part of the agreement reached with the union before the suspension of the earlier strike on July 17, 2013 shows that government is not serious.” Chirman said that the ASUP’s National Executive Council after its 75th meeting at the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, resolved that the strike would be total and indefinite until the government showed commitment to honouring the agreement with the union.

He expressed dismay at government penchant for breaking agreement, adding that “since the union suspended its earlier strike in July, government has shown no commitment to fulfilling any of the promises it made to the union.”

PHOTOS: Peaceful Protest Held In Abuja, Demands Cut In Lawmakers Jumbo pay

Yesterday at about 10:00am youths and political activists staged a peaceful protest in Abuja demanding a cut in lawmakers jumbo pay. They gathered at eagle square and marched down to the National Assembly complex carrying placards with different inscriptions.

With the lingering strike action in different sectors and agitation from the citizen, the nation might be heading to a revolution it doesn’t want to experience.

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Late MC Loph’s Mother, Mrs Obiajulu Is Dead

The aged mother of star singer Nwaozo Obiajulu aka MC Loph passed away few days ago at a private hospital in Enugu after battling an undisclosed illness exactly two years after losing her star son in a tragic road accident.

Mrs Obiajulu lost her two children, MC Loph and his sister on the 14th of September 2011 in a tragic car crash on Benin Ore Expressway. They were heading to a traditional wedding ceremony when the tragedy struck. The car they were in somersaulted severally before landing in a ditch. After the death of her son, Mrs Obiajulu accused Emeka Morgan (his manager) of killing him.

Hear what she said in an interview months before her death;

“Emeka Morgan killed my only son and daughter, left me childless and handicapped. Since Obiajulu died,
the only time I set my eyes on the so-called Morgan was in May 2012, when he came with Obi Madubogu, gave me a bag of rice, a gallon of groundnut oil and 60 thousand naira and asked me never to allow Nkiru (MC Loph’s wife) to have a share of the money. But I couldn’t, I gave the money over to Nkiru after he left and it was used to fix the Camry with which she does most of her run arounds in Lagos. Since then, he had neither called nor checked on me again”

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NASU Might Be Joining ASUU Industrial Action If Wages Are Not Paid.

THREE months into the shutting of academic work in the nation’s universities, the non-academic staff of the universities on Tuesday said they would embark on their strike action next week except the
government pay the two months’ salary being own them before then.

General Secretary, Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions, Mr. Peters Adeyemi, told journalists in Ilorin, Kwara State, that
members of the union were being forced into embarking on a strike action by the refusal of the Federal Government to pay their salaries for August and September.

The NASU scribe said, “NASU will start its own strike next week because we have been working and government has refused to pay our salaries. For us, it
does not make sense to continue to keep the system running when we are not paid our salary. The reason for this is not known to us.

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Nollywood Loses Yet Another Actor

One of Nollywood’s emerging actors, Prince Murphy,has died. The cause of Prince’s death is still unclear but sources said he died after a brief illness two
days ago. Patience Ozokwor sent condolence message already on facebook. Prince Murphy was a comic actor. May God console his family!!!

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Kenayan President Claims Victory In Shopping Mall Terrorist Attack.

The 4-day siege at Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya is finally over. Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation, saying they have defeated the
terrorists and arrested eleven of them.

The president said three floors of the mall collapsed during clearing efforts and trapped some people. He said Kenyan
forces killed 5 terrorists and are currently sweeping the mall for explosives. Mr Kenyatta said 61 civilians and 6 soldiers were killed in the deadly mall slaughter that started on Saturday, and carried out by Al Qaeda linked militant group, Al Shabaab. Almost 200 people were injured
while 65 people are still unaccounted for. The Kenyan president said he can’t confirm the nationality of the terrorist. He also declared three days of mourning.

May the souls of the people we lost rest in peace…amen. May we never see this again.

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“We’re Not Against Our Father’s New Marriage” – Iwuanyanwu’s Kids

One of the daughters of billionaire businessman Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has rubbished reports
making the rounds that they are against their father’s marriage to the 26 year old daughter of one his late wife’s close friends. I was reliably informed that they
kicked against it initially but backed down after their father threatened to deal with anyone who gave him headache over his intentions to marry a much younger woman – but the children say it’s not true, so let’s believe them. His daughter, Mrs Nwadiuto Iheakanwa, the MD of Champion newspaper told Encomium magazine:

“We are not against our father’s new marriage. It’s not true that we the children kicked against it. He made his choice and we wish him well in his new marriage. Papa is an old man (don’t let his new wife hear that o..lol) we should not give him
stress. We want our father to have a long life and enjoy himself. The lady herself consented to it. We spoke to her and she said she loves papa. We wish them goodluck.”

Chief Iwuanyanwu and his late wife, Lady Eudora, who died in August 2011, were married for 40 years and had eight children, most of whom are older than
the woman he married this past weekend.

Pro-Amechi Protesters in London Were Reportedly Paid $7500 Each – Reuters

As a playback of the Westminster, London Protest by pockets of Nigerians and some hired Asians and North Africans two months ago, another group of Nigerians today carried placards on the street of

Precisely, Eighteen (18) Nigerians living in the United Kingdom, mostly Rivers State students who are on Government scholarships and some hired North Africans were Protesting this time, for Governor Amaechi’s against the Nigerian Government. These Young Nigerians where paid £4,000 (N1.04 Million) per person to appear at CHATHAM HOUSE in solidarity with the Governor.

The Protesters claimed that the ‘progressive’ Governor of River state, Chibuike Amaechi is the true face of Nigerian Democracy and they are solidly
behind his struggles. Amaechi’s struggles includes his fight against PDP in Rivers state and Abuja. The President, Mr Wike, Police Commissioner, Opposition Governors Forum, Mrs Jonathan, State
Chief Justice, Local Government Chairmen, Some State Lawmakers and other group opposing his ambition to be a Vice President. – Reuters News